The Days are Long but the Years are Short

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“The days are long but the years are short.”

Only yesterday did I begin to experience the reality of this little saying. I was sitting with a mentor and said, “I only have one year. Then Little Man will be in Kindergarten and Little Miss in preschool.” It came on like a light bulb as I said it.

I have one year to prepare my son for full-time school. To teach him kindness, where to find peace, to play with him, to live the days with him, to teach my kids to be great friends to one another. I have one year to minimize technology and let their brains grow and creativity find its path in their mind. To teach Little Man to run his heart out on the playground and enjoy healthy food.

Of course I know I have the rest of his 18 years at home. But this year is special, with both kids fully mine. I want to see it for what it is and feel at the end that I’ve made the most of it and been fully here.

The mentor I spoke with is my new counselor here. Our goal in living in the US for a while is for my husband to do his work (of course) and for our family to take advantage of resources here to get and stay HEALTHY. So far this has involved sabbatical, a media fast, a work-out routine, revamping our diet, solitude, lots of guitar and music for my husband, and now following up with a counselor. We have begun to make little changes here in the states since these things are easier to do here.

Making green smoothies. Reducing gluten and sugar. Teaching Little Man to ride a balance bike down the driveway and getting him ready to put pedals on it!

Today is a downpour day. A drizzly windy day after weeks of hot, hot, humidity. I’m watching my little pink petunias overflowing their window box. They’re so lush and pretty and just lapping up the rain. I have no idea what to do with them next… prune? replant?  Anyway, back to my point.

Soon Tyler will travel to a conference and see all the people I love most in the world.  And for the first time in 36 years I won’t be going. I sound like a big narcissistic baby every time I say that. But the decision to keep the kids and I home was a hard one. Not to see everyone. To stay when others are going.

But I also knew that going would result in a lot of stress in travel and staying in a small hotel room for the kids and I—and therefore, also for my husband. I knew that to keep our little routine would keep the kids sleeping, me resting, and it would pretty much keep us all at peace. And because “The days are long (and boy, will those 7 days be long!!), but the years are short”, it would be best for me to invest a week into peace-building for my kids. And I’ve recently realized (thank you God for dropping Truth into my heart in the midst of these days) that when my kids are at peace, so am I.

…I’m going to say that again.

When my kids are at peace, so am I.

And I guess that’s what being a momma is all about.

  • Lynn Gluth

    I want to say “thank you” again, Rebecca for all that you do for us who are trying our best to support you through prayer and love and/or finances as you and Tyler go about doing the Father’s business in ways that we aren’t able to..the sacrifices that your family makes does not go unnoticed by our God, I know. I know that I am only a FB friend but can I say that I love your little family? And that I will continue to follow you and to pray for you and to do whatever else I can. It is truly a blessing to read your blogs!


  • Jackie JN

    Great stuff! I love gleaning from these blogs, your insight and honesty in writing is such a gift!


  • Katie

    This is so inspiring Rebecca! Thank you for sharing your life with us and always being open with what you’re learning and going through. It’s a blessing to me for sure!


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