Moving Saga, Day 9

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Who can actually blog in 10.5 hour jet lag with two toddlers? Not me! We had been at my parents for 36 hrs of foggy homecoming-toddler-cousin-craziness (my sister’s family of 2 toddlers is also living with my parents right now while they move houses), before I remembered my blog at all. And realized I had missed two days of posting!! 

Well, besides the disappointed competitor inside me, I figure it’s understandable and I’ll make up for it once I’m settled.

So we’re bunked up in my Gramma’s bedroom (thanks Gramma!) while my sister and family stay in the basement where we usually stay, and we all try to communicate over the din of screaming, happy, bubble blowing, food throwing toddlers. It’s a whole other level of crazy that makes me forget the former crazy of leaving India, and the future crazy of moving in to our house down the road. I didn’t even make it over there yesterday! Ella is still slowly recovering from this terrible allergy/congestion condition she had, and I’ve been here for her while tyler moved furniture over.

We just bought a house in the country. 10 minutes from the city down a hilly road lined with trees and a couple horse farms. We’ll stay in it for a year (while we work out our stateside business, visa renewal, and spend quality time with family and friends) and rent it out as an investment for years to come.

I pretty much could not be happier with our sweet country home and it’ll be so good when we’re settled out there. Hopefully by tomorrow.

One step at a time, I tell myself. In the meantime I’m whole-heartedly enjoying the following wondrous delights:

  1. Quick and free laundry
  2. My mom’s salmon
  3. My 94-yr-old Gramma’s cake & whipping cream
  4. 24/7 coffee fresh in the pot
  5. Playground for the grandkids
  6. My sister’s funny stories
  7. My dad taking me out to buy my groceries just cuz he’s my dad. Like I’m 16. And I love it. 😍
  8. Long showers, constant power, central air, rapid wifi, and pretty much all things easy.

Lots of love from the crazy house… ❤️


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