Moving Saga, Day 7

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It just took us two hours to check in for our flight. Because we had excess baggage. Apparently the three staff it took to argue over it for TWO hours and talk us through it had never seen anyone fly with 8 checked bags. Four people with eight bags for a whole year doesn’t seem that crazy, but apparently it was. And Ella was so crazy fussy, hyper, and had diarrhea from her medications, so I spent two hours running her and Little Man to the restroom, bouncing/holding her in a death grip while she yelled in my ear, while Tyler stood, checking in for our flight, for two solid hours. I still can’t believe it.

After the most-mortifying-airplane-ride-ever on Wednesday, yesterday seemed rather peaceful, and we focused on running errands and meeting up with friends in Delhi.

Halfway through the errand-running we realized Little Miss was still fussy and feverish. We found a nearby hospital to take her to. We had waited a solid week because a) life was so insane and b) I have an irrationally strong aversion to hospitals, based on personal experience, and I’d do almost anything to avoid the experience in India. It’s the complex system of numerous lines and jockeying for a turn to get into the doctor’s room, then more lines and systems to pay fees and go to the pharmacy. It’s all so confusing and you have to stay on your toes so no one cuts in front of you… and it feels to me like one giant spice market and I’d rather just go to the grocery store. I know. Party-pooper. That’s me.

Yet, despite the usual lines and confusion, we met a lady doctor who was really good and for $10 (India wins!) Ella was checked out and began treatment for one ear infection, a throat infection, and congestion. She started on antibiotics within an hour and immediately seemed to feel better. Then, last night she slept ALL NIGHT for the first time in forever.

Last night was the first night in months that all four of us have slept straight for 8 hours! What a feat. We were so thankful to all wake up at 7am and go downstairs to stuff ourselves at the breakfast buffet.

But then when we started repacking (that’s right. We had to re-pack after only 24 hours in one room), we completely lost our minds all over again. For the fourth time in a week, we were faced with the reality that we have TOO MUCH STUFF. We decided to eliminate one of our 9 suitcases. By the time we rushed out to the airport in utter chaos at 7pm (with our dear friend Gina in tow) we were wound up so tight like one of those rubber band balls. We had discarded stuff, thrown away treasures (ok, every single random object feels like a treasure right now, I’m so serious!), we sent clothes that I can’t even remember to a friend’s.

When we checked in at 7pm we still stuffing zip-locks and bottles and socks into the side pockets of suitcases. The more I think about it the more I realize that we have a major PROBLEM. I found two miscellaneous Tupperware containers in my bags and threw them in the trashbin . Tupperware? When did I turn into such a hoarder?? Am I going to teach my kids to do this??!

So it took TWO HOURS to check in. Then Little Miss was still crying in my arms all the way through immigration. And security. And then walking through the airport. And finally we found Starbucks and Tyler offered to walk her in the stroller until she passed out while I sat with Buddy over a strawberry shake. It took him 20 minutes of walking but she’s asleep now and I’m slightly calmed down.

And we have an hour till boarding. And I have time to go through my bags and sort out more old birthday cards and bank statements to throw away.

And to think about how I can NEVER do this again.
How, if we can gather so much junk in a small 2 bedroom cottage with no storage, then we are capable of so, so much more.
I have to find a way to settle without accumulating so very much.
How to buy only what we need and use.

Anyway, I have 24 hours of travel to think on these things. And we’re so very ready to get on that plane and wake up on home soil. I’m so grateful to all the friends who have been praying for us and encouraging us along this journey. The craziness is almost over for a while. I just can hardly wait. 🙂

  • Amy

    I would love to understand what their issue was with 2 suitcases person to check, that’s usually what’s allowed! That’s horrible, so sorry. I can’t even imagine. So glad you took Miss Ella again and she slept! Hoping more of the same for this flight.


  • Laurie Vervaecke

    Sorry your check on n was such an ordeal. I am glad you all had a vood nights sleep before beginning your travels to the US. Hope you arrive somewhat rested… Soon you will be with family and friends at home.


  • Madelaine

    Again I am exhausted for you from just reading this! You are Wonder Woman! Yeah, I too am guilty of too much stuff. Wishing you calmer days ahead. Xoxo


  • Divyansh Gupta

    I had no idea that it gets crazier every day. Oh my God! I had no idea that you guys had to go through so much trouble. I am glad you are writing about everything. Thanks for sharing!


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