Moving Saga, Day 1

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Now that I’ve publicly committed to blogging every day this month (and I agreed to do it with my equally-competitive friend, Gina, which gives me extra motivation), I know there’s no getting out of it. I fear this is going to result in a lot of messy, sleep-deprived ramblings in which my not-so-neat-and-tidy mindset is revealed for all to read. Yikes.
But I’m also somewhat curious to read the written account of this transition time later—for decades to come and to learn and laugh and glean from. SO… here goes.

In typical indirect-culture fashion, the top-notch moving company we hired did not arrive on Thursday, as planned, because (unbeknownst to us) we had not wired the payment from our US bank early enough. So we find out Thursday night that they won’t be coming the next day, and it will probably be another 3-4 days.

Good thing we didn’t have any plans for the next 3-4 days and could just put our entire life of goodbyes, etc. on hold until the company could inform us of their plans. (major eye-rolling over here…)

But in the end, our friends went into high gear on Thursday night and came up with a Plan B, moving all the major items into the house next door, and our landlord’s original furniture back into this house for us to sleep/live on. Thanks to Britta’s master plan and Nathan, Abhishek, Divyansh, and Gina’s help.  So that was finished on Thursday, and we just had a boatload of sorting to do on Friday (thankful this time for my old friend Christina who came to scour and sort all my important paperwork, and my new friend Marissa who managed to teach my son to write his name WHILE sorting 12 tubs of toiletries), all before the movers called to say they’d be here first thing Saturday morning (today).

Well 10am came and went, and there was still a giant moving truck from Delhi driving around the mountainside trying to find a road wide and level enough to park within a half-mile of our home. They found a spot a half-mile away around noon. Then Tyler scootered up to meet them in their random parking spot, and they were in the process of hiring a garbage truck (you read it right!) to haul our things back and forth from our house to the moving truck. Luckily there were five guys as part of the moving team to figure all of this out. Luckily we had paid them to do this and so it was their job to figure it out.

One of the local garbage truck guys looked at Tyler and, seeing him for the white foreigner (extremely good looking one, I might add), he asked him for money for food. To which Tyler said in Hindi, “All my money is in the moving company’s pocket, so if you need lunch you’ll have to get it from them.” And the whole moving team of men cracked up. And there was no more concern from our side on whether it would all work out. Good job, husband! Three years in India has taught you well!

So the day passed uneventfully and these men wrapped and packed every single item securely, then loaded it bit by bit in the garbage truck, and sent it on up the road to the moving truck (which I never saw with my eyes). We headed off to the 70th birthday party of a friend at 6pm, stopping on the way to pick up medicine and juice for Little Miss who has a high fever and cough today, and returned home at 9pm to sign the paperwork and say, “Ta-ta!” to the moving crew and the last of our stuff.

Now I have to say… After pacing the floor all morning in apprehension and willing myself to stay calm, breathe, and not take any calming medicine that would render me useless, the whole day turned out to be quite a success! I actually pushed through and… we made it!

And in addition to all that, this is one of those days when India wins. A moving company that comes and sorts, packs, labels, insures, and moves your stuff to storage. I didn’t wrap one glass or photo frame. They did it all and I didn’t even have to watch. It’s like pushing the Easy button on packing.

And pushing the Easy button isn’t something we get to do very often here. I’m going to post this and then lay here in a coma for a while pondering the fact that the hardest part of another big move is behind me. *Sigh!*  And the smoothest “move” I’ve ever experienced happened in the mountains of India. Who would have thunk?!

Goodnight moon and city lights.

Goodnight shimmering Ganges below.

Goodnight beating, blaring wedding music on the hillside.

Goodnight little She and goodnight Little He.


  • Laurie Vervaecke

    Having lived overseas for 12 years, even in a very well developed country; there were days that nothing went as planned. You do learn to roll with what comes, make new plans & with for tomorrow. Another day behind you & a new day is coming! You got this!


  • Sharon Jouret

    Enjoy reading your blogs. They encourage me to find hope amid the discouragement and encouragement of whatever comes my way in the providence of God. A couple of weeks ago I learned I have a serious colorectal cancer and am amazed at the miracles that I’ve experienced day by day in the daily challenges with the right people placed in my path at just the right time–God”s perfect timing. I love how you are willing to be vulnerable in sharing your triumphs as well as the jourey amid the daily challenges. God bless you and your sweet family.


    • Wellspring Post author

      Sharon, thanks for sharing, and we’re grieved to hear of your cancer diagnosis. But we’re praying for many many more miracles for you along this journey– every day. 🙂 xoxo


  • Lotte

    Great job Rebecca! I like your ‘india wins today’ comment! You just don’t know when this happens, but when it happens it’s amazing. Love reading your blogs from far away. You’ll be missed! X


    • Wellspring Post author

      Ha, love that you read them! I feel like I have SO MUCH to write about after these 3 years and its taken some time to sift through it in my mind. And you’re one of those people who taught me to find the “india wins” things… like the upholstery market in Delhi and like making a beautiful garden out of a concrete corner with a water tank! ha! 😉


  • Jackie nahuel

    Love it! It’s great when you win anywhere but India- now that’s a double triple win!! I love india but when people ask me how life was there I just say challenging yet so fulfilling. I love living there yet everything can seem like such a physical challenge. You know that better than me for sure.
    I love your heart and don’t think that anything you write could be unfruitful. Even the messy ramblings have a raw wisdom and encouragement which I know I can relate and that’s just being real. I’m grateful for your courage to encourage even if it is messy. You are a very strong woman with a great personality and I love learning more about you and what you have learned through these challenges!

    Yay for the easy button!!!!
    Praying for you, Tyler and the kiddos
    During this transition


  • Janelle

    Ha! I always said ‘India wins” when I was overwhelmed and nothing was happening how I needed it to. Then I would go eat chocolate and lock myself in my flat!

    Excited to see you soon! Lets get coffee.


    • Janelle

      BTW, this is Janelle Webster 🙂


    • Wellspring Post author

      haha! yeah i’ve been there too! but i like this “india wins” approach because whenever we land in bangkok we always say “Thailand wins” over every thing… the kind patient people, the quick lines, the burger king etc, so India needs to win sometimes too!! 😉


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