Monkey Madness

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Monkey Wants Inside!Yesterday, in case we hadn’t had enough of the mountain monkey overpopulation, we had an hour long adventure that began with our neighbor K calling my phone from downstairs and saying breathlessly, “Make sure your doors are closed and don’t come outside! But send Brother Tyler down to help me!”

A baby monkey had managed to get in through our balcony iron bars and get stuck inside the balcony area. This is the area we must walk through to get from our upstairs bedrooms to our downstairs kitchen, entry room and front door.  Baby Monkey was running from end to end frantically squawking for his momma. Then he managed to halfway squeeze out of the bars, but his little head was stuck inside.  All hell broke loose when Momma Monkey and 15 others started pulling on baby to get him out and violently screeching and jumping from branch to branch every time Tyler or K would try to push him to where he might squeeze out. We were so afraid that the tiny holy creature was going to get decapitated on our property and who knows what that would lead to.

There were dozens of neighbors outside watching and finally one called our landlord.  Our landlord found a man who was willing to come rescue the frantic baby monkey (with an even more frantic monkey family). The man pulled little dude back inside the bars, K briefly opened a window, and Baby Monkey was thrown out into the air, where Momma Monkey caught him and ran away snuggling her baby.

What a crazy hour with all the squawking, barking, hopping and near-decapitating!  Never a dull moment around here, people.

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