The Marshmallow Christmas Latte Recipe

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This morning was a roll-out-of-bed-make-the-bed-and-just-keep-moving kind of morning. We had the Project Rescue Christmas party last night at my sister’s house (who happens to have not one, but TWO giant Christmas trees in her living room– she’s THAT into this), and we didn’t get our little ones to bed till 11pm. UGH. I’m on my second giant cup of coffee and hoping this one gets me going.

In the spirit of the holidays I have concocted a new specialty coffee drink that I’d like to share.  Anyone who knows me and my irrational fondness for marshmallows will laugh.  On many occasions I have responded to the “what do you need from America?” email with, “Marshmallows!! Oh yeah, and Ranch Dressing packs and Children’s Benadryl.

This Christmas Latte is not healthy. And it’s not overly creative.

BUT it’s easy, special, and Christmas is a big enough holiday to justify adding something so unhealthy to your coffee… (drum roll, please…)


Now, if you are one of those weirdos who dislikes marshmallows, well you can just go ahead and move onto something healthy like this fabulous Brussel Sprout Salad that I made yesterday for the party.  It is the only way that I will eat both kale and brussel sprouts in one sitting. Now back to the marshmallow goodness…

I happen to have been gifted a Rivo espresso machine that froths my milk and gives me an espresso shot just like that. But I also make this Christmas-y drink with my trusty french press, some dark roast beans, hand frothed whole milk and a marshmallow.  So I’ll share the non-machine version for those at home with no fancy equipment.


2 TB of ground dark coffee beans (such as espresso)

1 cup of whole milk

1 marshmallow

1 TSP sugar


Go ahead and make that coffee the way you like it.  I grind my beans for french press, pour the grounds and just-cooler-than-boiled filtered water in, and let it sit for 4 minutes.

While press is brewing, heat your milk in a saucepan or microwave to almost-hot. Using a whisk, roll the whisk between your hands rapidly for a minute while milk froths up to almost twice its size.

Place 1 jet puffed large marshmallow and sugar in your coffee cup (or 2 if you’re really into this)

Pour coffee over the marshmallow and sugar.

Pour steamed milk gently over the drink.

Taste. And savor that delicious marshmallow latte taste!

You’re welcome!


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