Breakthrough and Stillness

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A torrential downpour on the tin roof beckons us into Good Friday. It seems appropriate as we remember the One who gave up absolutely everything for us to be know Him. I imagine the devastation of Jesus’ loved ones that morning, and this pouring morning that surrounds our mountain with thick clouds seems to fit. There’s a quiet and still as we begin our day and prepare to celebrate with friends.

“The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

Today I’m boiling 60 eggs for the party with children who come from remote, hidden places that knew no love or safety. Now they know love and joy and how to read and write. Now they get to eat eggs—a rare treat for the poor—and each year they sneak the decorated eggs off to their rooms and hoard them until the eggs go rotten. This year we’ll try to get them to eat them after decorating so that there are none to hoard.

From the rocker by the window I can hear Little Man and Daddy in the bedroom reading a book about airplanes. J-Bug is giggling. We had a huge breakthrough on Monday when I met an American nurse/midwife at language school who offered to take a look at him. One look at his horrible rash and eczema- covered body and she said, “He has a yeast infection. I would find fungal cream and put it all over.” Nearly three months of rash, hives, itching, dandruff and eczema was caused by a yeast infection?? One doctor we saw had said he had a fungal infection on his scalp and ears (which we had treated with cream), but it didn’t occur to me that this is what they call a yeast infection here, and that it could spread to the rest of his body. It also didn’t occur that everything could be coming from within and that dairy and sugars feed yeast…

A correct diagnosis and treatment have turned our life around in three short days.

Morning Play

Morning Play

Instead of making wacky recipes with sesame oil and soy milk, I began giving Little Man yoghurt every day, probiotics, covering him in antifungal cream, and he looks like a different toddler! Just a remnant of raised patches left on his chest and back, and he’s almost all better. After he’s fully better we’ll slowly reintroduce milk and cheese. I’m so relieved and yesterday I celebrated by loading up on food in the market and making a delicious meal.

My new pregnant friend who just moved in next door (she’s 27 weeks along and I’m 28) hiked down the hill with me to go to the chicken shop, pick out a chicken (thankfully they’re already feather-plucked), say no to the head, feet and weird parts, and watch it be cut up. This was going to be my first whole chicken to buy from market. Well, we spent two hours at four shops, got a snack, stopped multiple times for bathroom breaks, and got home to realize we had forgotten the chickens!! So Tyler headed down on the scooter to pick up the chicken and I prepared spinach dip and chips, soy honey chicken, rice and broccoli, and all from scratch.

When I finally sat down to eat after three hours of prep I felt completely spent, but thankful and satisfied. The past couple weeks have been a lot of work, but also a lot of good. Sometimes easy isn’t always better.

And that brings me back to a God who gave it all to know and to be with me.

Holy Spirit, I welcome your presence on this misty mountain morning. What a privilege to sit with You and to remember that you died for me… and that You LIVE.

Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms


  • Beth Grant

    I love this, Becca. So thankful for a healing resolution for little buddy’s ordeal over the past few months. Thankful for a healthy pregnancy, for friends to do the chicken-thing with you:-), for the coming of spring, and the meaning of this day which gives meaning to our lives and all of the above.


  • Phyllis

    Happy Easter to you all!


  • John Higgins

    How much you are growing! Happy Easter to you, Tyler, and Judah! Uncle John & Aunt Faith


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