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3 Keys to Joy in Winter

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Some of us find the holidays difficult. Some of us find it difficult when they’re over. Some of us find it hard to get with family while some of us find it hard to leave family at the end. I can remember these feelings at various Christmas holidays along the journey… I’m one of those […]

Space to Sit with What Is

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Mornings in India are communal, with the vast majority of society outside with the sunrise, hand-washing clothes, bathing at neighborhood taps, and brushing teeth on their front stoop. Even in prestigious neighborhoods in mega cities, the road will be filled with walkers, joggers, women outside watering flowers and men sitting, sipping their chai. And because […]

Stillness in Productivity

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Sometimes it takes a little while to settle into the stillness. I think, “I’m fine! I don’t need time to be silent. I have so much to do!!!” In these moments (more common than not) the doer in me is finding fulfillment in the doing. But this false sense of purpose robs me of my […]