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The Days are Long but the Years are Short

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“The days are long but the years are short.” Only yesterday did I begin to experience the reality of this little saying. I was sitting with a mentor and said, “I only have one year. Then Little Man will be in Kindergarten and Little Miss in preschool.” It came on like a light bulb as […]

The Weeds I Avoid

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My weed garden is swaying in the breeze, with cat tails and grass as tall as my shoulders. With every day that I avoid it, the whole plot gets thicket and taller and harder to weed. At this point we’re estimating it will take three hours to get the weeds out, and that just sounds […]

Settled yet Unsettled

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There are so many feelings but none of them surface to become a coherent thought. So many realizations to process, the old to grieve and the new to adjust to. In my worst moments I tell myself, “It’s only a year”, and in my best moments I bemoan the fact that it’s only a year.