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A Halloween for the Books

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My little Transformer and Butterfly were up at 6am, excited to put their costumes back on. Now they’re prancing around the house in their make-believe story, him with his wrecking ball (we sort of improvised on his costume which included a McDonalds Happy Meal Transformer mask, a medieval knight breastplate, arm guards, and a wrecking […]

Living What We Value: Minimalism and Faith

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We arrived at my parents and will stay two nights before moving into our own place nearby. For 24 hours of travel from Delhi through Newark, Chicago, and then into Missouri, amid all the hectic luggage shifting and child-caring, I couldn’t stop thinking about our 2 hour wait with too many bags stuffed full of […]

How India Turned Me Granola

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This post should actually be called “How Losing Control Turned Me Granola”.  But that’s too long.  So we’ll just blame India.